The WolfPack

Our Pack is bound together by not only word but by blood

The Wolf Den


Vote for new co Alpha today on Vortex wars fórum.. pm our alpha with your vote!

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Mattie (John Joe)

Our Pack is bound together by not only word but by blood. We share our hopes, our dreams, OUR DESTINIES with our PackMates. We live under the laws of life and obey our hearts on the battlefield. WE HAVE NO BOUNDS!

Under our three values, we shall conquer the warring mists of the Vortex, whether by peace or by long and bloody war. No one will stand in the way as long as we follow the virtues:

With our hearts, we show bravery: To fight for what we know, what we love, what we FEEL and to never give up when we know we can win!
With our minds, we show knowledge: We understand our PackMates and see into the minds of our enemies. We keep our minds clear and focused in the heat of battle!
With our souls, we show loyalty: Even when we doubt ourselves, we never doubt our PackMates. We honour them and fight for them with everything we have!

*Clan Rules*

Born to Be Wild
Steppenwolf (Steppenwolf)

Clan rules

1. I am your Alpha, and I lead the Pack

2. If I am not available,  Chris1726354 is in charge

3. In clan battles, your Packmates are always your allies

4. Outside of clan battles, you are not allies (unless announced before the game, as is normal)

5. No cheating in games, tell the truth

6. Look up to your elder Packmates and welcome the younger members

7. Respect your Packmates, get to know them well, and respect them

8. Respect members outside of the Pack as you would your Packmates

9. You are expected to participate as a member of the Clan, not every day, but whenever possible

10. WolfPack means honour and loyalty, be the best you can be, make us proud to have you.